From general purpose weeding to heavy-duty brush cutting, TMC Power Equipment has a full line of line trimmers and brush cutters to tackle any job. By integrating powerful engines, vibration reducing dampers, and durable components, TMC line trimmers and brush cutters produce long-lasting, comfortable and powerful performance.

All TMC line trimmers and brush cutters feature:

  • Commercial grade two-cycle engine with a dual ringed piston and a four bolt cylinder head for maximum power and reliability.

  • Solid steel shafts supported by multiple bearings and bushings that efficiently and smoothly transfer power and torque from the engine to the gear case with minimal vibration.

  • Solid-state ignition and diaphragm carburetor with purge pump for easy starting and all position operation.

  • A heavy-duty gear case attached to heavy-duty polymer cutting heads for excellent cutting performance.

  • Vibration reducing rubber damper for substantially reduced vibration transfer to the handles.

  • Metal engine stands for engine protection during transport and use.

  • Long life debris shield for protection against flying debris.

  • C.A.R.B. and EPA air quality compliance.

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