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Oct 23, 2006

TMC Power Equipment Introduces the KTBL6500V Backpack Blower

Power and durability reach new levels.


MONTEREY PARK, CA— TMC Power Equipment, Inc. announces the release of the KTBL6500V backpack blower to authorized TMC dealers and distributors at a suggested retail price of $519.95. The KTBL6500V is powered by a 4.6 hp, 64.7 cc Kawasaki® engine, which meets all current CARB and EPA air regulation standards, mated to TMC’s proprietary single-piece molded fan housing and lightweight aluminum fan to output 805 cfm of air at a speed of 201 mph.

“Landscaping and grounds maintenance professionals have been waiting for a blower that is not only powerful, but also one that can withstand the harsh environments in which they operate.” said Dean Kanemitsu, president of TMC Power Equipment. “The KTBL6500V satisfies both their need for power and their thirst for durability.”

The KTBL6500V integrates components unique to the industry that collectively enhance its durability. Instead of a two-piece fan housing that can split at the seams with temperature fluctuations and vibration, the KTBL6500V incorporates a single-piece housing that will never separate, ensuring that airflow is directed properly to the work surface and the engine for ventilation. The metal frame on the KTBL6500V consist of two separate pieces to reduce the weight and replacement cost, and includes a lower frame with cross members for added rigidity and an upper frame intelligently angled to provide ideal balance. The aluminum fan effectively transfers heat away from the crankshaft and its sandwich design produces greater air volume with lower noise than typical open fin designs.

The KTBL6500V includes numerous components to provide comfort as well. The extended throttle lever mount relieves arm and shoulder stress by keeping the arm at close to a 90 degree angle with fingertip control of air speed. The molded pipe handle fits comfortably in the other hand and stabilizes the pipes during maximum air output conditions. The cinching straps and the fully padded backrest combine to keep the blower well supported to each user’s most comfortable position. Despite these and other heavy-duty components integrated into the design of the KTBL6500V, the KTBL6500V weighs in at only 23.8 lbs.


Founded in 1967, TMC Power Equipment, Inc. is the premier supplier of handheld outdoor power equipment for the professional landscaping, gardening, and grounds maintenance industries. The company offers a wide range of professional products including gasoline powered line trimmers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers, and gasoline and battery powered blowers.


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