Press Release
Feb 27, 2008

TMC Power Equipment introduces the KPW2300V Line Trimmer

Light in weight, heavy in performance.


LOS ANGELES, CA — TMC Power Equipment, Inc. unveils the KPW2300V line trimmer today at the 2008 Landscape Industry Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Available in March 2008 to authorized TMC dealers and distributors at a suggested retail price of $329.95, the KPW2300V incorporates a commercial-grade 22.6cc Mitsubishi two-cycle engine with TMC’s proven 7mm drive shaft assembly to deliver incredible power and durability in a lightweight package.

“The KPW2300V addresses customer and dealer demands for a lightweight yet powerful line trimmer,” said Dean Kanemitsu, president of TMC Power Equipment. “With many high-end homeowners opting for better products than those found at big-box retailers and many landscapers looking for a lightweight yet durable product, the KPW2300V enables the independent dealer a tremendous opportunity to increase their sales by capturing both segments of the marketplace.”

The 22.6cc Mitsubishi engine on the KPW2300V not only offers commercial-grade components such as a four-bolt, chrome plated cylinder, dual ringed piston, and forged iron crankshaft, its unique stratified porting and fuel delivery design also allows it to be one of the cleanest burning engines on the market today, Easily meeting the California Air Resources Board’s Tier II standards for exhaust and evaporative emissions and the EPA Phase 2 emissions standards, this clean-burning two-cycle engine produces more power and torque, weighs less, uses fewer parts, and consumes less fuel than comparable four-cycle engines.

The shaft assembly on the KPW2300V incorporates heavy-duty components including a dual-splined 7mm solid steel drive shaft encased in an high strength aluminum housing and supported by multiple bushings to reduce vibration. Extensive use of aluminum and steel, including, acast aluminum clutch housing and a metal debris shield, metal engine stand, and cast aluminum handles and handle mounts enhance the durability of the line trimmer. Power is delivered to the work surface via a heavy-duty gear head assembly consisting of forged iron gears and four bearings. To enhance comfort, the shaft assembly includes rubber dampers at the clutch housing and handle mounts and ribbed rubber grips on the aluminum housing and handle.

“The heavy-duty components integrated into the shaft assemblies of the KPW2300V are carried over from previous generations of TMC line trimmers and have been proven for over 15 years in the field,” adds Dean Kanemitsu. “TMC always designs its products to best support the end user and dealer, and one of these ways is by reducing replacement parts inventories for TMC products. By doing so, the costs of selling and servicing and owning and using TMC products are greatly reduced, making the overall cost of the KPW2300V one of the lowest in industry.”

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