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Aug 16, 2007

TMC Power Equipment Introduces the KPW2700V Line Trimmer

Technologically revolutionary design produces a cleaner burning and more fuel efficient line trimmer

MONTEREY PARK, CA — TMC Power Equipment, Inc. announces the release of the KPW2700V line trimmer to authorized TMC dealers and distributors at a suggested retail price of $369.95. The KPW2700V combines a 26.3cc, 1.2hp Kawasaki® two-cycle engine that meets CARB Tier III and EPA Phase 2 exhaust and evaporative emissions standards together with a 7mm solid steel drive shaft and heavy duty, four-bearing encased gear head for powerful and reliable performance in a multitude of applications.

“With worldwide demand for ‘greener’ technologies, the challenge was to design and produce a cleaner engine that still provided the durability and power that professionals require,” said Dean Kanemitsu, president of TMC Power Equipment. “The KPW2700V satisfies both of these requirements with an engine that not only meets the stringent CARB Tier III standards for both evaporative and exhaust emissions, but also with a two-cycle design that minimizes weight, maintains power and throttle response, and eases maintenance.”

Like all engines on TMC products, the 26.3cc engine on the KPW2700V incorporates key commercial quality components like a dual-ringed piston, a chrome-plated four-bolt cylinder, and a forged iron crankshaft. To control emissions, the cylinder, crankcase, and carburetor were all redesigned to control the flow of the air/fuel mixture to not only keep unburned fuel from exiting the combustion chamber, but also keep all of the moving parts properly lubricated. In addition, a flat topped piston is integrated in the design, virtually eliminating any vibrations from being generated by the engine. In addition to cleaner exhaust emissions, the reengineering of the engine leads to two additional side benefits: (1) with the unburned fuel prevented from leaving the combustion chamber, the fuel efficiency is 25% greater than in previous models, and (2) both the number of components and the sizes of these components were reduced, allowing a bigger displacement engine to be nearly identical in weight to the model it replaced and also reducing both replacement parts inventories and increasing the reliability of the engine.

The shaft assembly on the KPW2700V incorporates commercial quality components including a dual-splined 7mm solid steel drive shaft encased in a high strength aluminum housing and supported by multiple bushings to reduce vibration, a cast aluminum clutch housing with an integrated rubber vibration damper, a heavy-duty gear head assembly with forged iron gears and with four bearings for smooth operation, and a metal debris shield, metal engine stand, an aluminum handle and cast aluminum handle mounts.

“The heavy-duty components integrated into the shaft assemblies of the KPW2700V are carried over from previous generations of TMC line trimmers,” adds Dean Kanemitsu. “These components have been proven for over 15 years to withstand the rigors of daily professional use. In addition, by carrying over these components, easy serviceability, another key trait of TMC equipment, is continued. Dealer and customer replacement parts inventories are greatly reduced, adding to TMC’s mission of lowering the total cost of owning and using TMC equipment.”

Founded in 1967, TMC Power Equipment, Inc. is the premier supplier of handheld outdoor power equipment for the professional landscaping, gardening, and grounds maintenance industries. The company offers a wide range of professional products including gasoline powered line trimmers, brush cutters, and hedge trimmers, and gasoline and battery powered blowers.

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