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Sep 30, 2008

TMC Power Equipment Introduces the AHT2700V Articulated Hedge Trimmer

MONTEREY PARK, CA — TMC Power Equipment, Inc. announces the release of the AHT2700V Articulated Hedge Trimmer. Available now at authorized TMC dealers and distributors at a suggested retail price of $529.95, the AHT2700V features a 26.3cc Kawasaki® two-cycle engine mated to a 62 inch, 7mm diameter solid steel drive shaft and a heavy-duty blade assembly.

“The AHT2700V has been redesigned from the ground up with significant improvements in product durability, flexibility, and safety,” said Dean Kanemitsu, president of TMC Power Equipment. “These improvements were a direct result of the feedback we received from our customers. We are certain that the performance, durability, and flexibility built into theAHT2700V are exactly what the market has been seeking.”

The 26.3cc Kawasaki TJ27E engine incorporates a dual ringed piston, forged iron crankshaft, and four bolt, chrome plated cylinder. Its advanced stratified engine design allows it to meet CARB Tier III and EPA Phase 2 standards while also improving fuel efficiency by up to 25% over previous models. Because the TJ27E engine is a true-two-cycle engine, the number of parts used in the engine’s design is significantly reduced, resulting in light weight, fast throttle response, high torque and all-position operation.

The shaft assembly on the AHT2700V incorporates a solid steel 7mm drive shaft with dual splined ends, a 62 inch, 24mm diameter aluminum housing, and a cast aluminum clutch housing. For added balance and comfort, the shaft assembly is equipped with two ribbed rubber grips on the shaft along with an aluminum handle secured by a cast aluminum handle mount. To reduce the effects of vibration, rubber dampers are placed inside the clutch housing and handle mount.

The blade assembly incorporates two 22 inch, dual sided, dual reciprocating blades, heavy-duty bearings and forged iron gears. The gear case design features mating teeth that  are cast into the two rotating and mating gear case pieces, enabling the user to rotate the blades to an appropriate operating angle between -90 to 90 degrees. These teeth lock the angle at roughly 10 degree increments, allowing hedges and shrubs to be cut at virtually any angle and height, from below the user’s knees to above his head. A twist knob is used to both loosen the gear cases for blade angle adjustment and also to secure the blades at the desired operating angle. For storage, the blades can be rotated all the way back against the shaft, reducing the overall length from 94 inches to just over 74 inches and protecting the blades from damage.

“One of the biggest requests that we received from our customers was for a fold-flat design,” adds Dean Kanemitsu. “What users are getting from the AHT2700V is not only this fold-flat capability, but also the complete package of performance, durability, flexibility, and safety.”


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